Love & Lo-Fi By DJ Awesomus Prime

Love & Lo-Fi by DJ Awesomus Prime

Love & Lo-Fi By DJ Awesomus Prime

South Jersey/Philadelphia- Awesomus Prime brings you “Love & Lo-Fi” an 8 track lo-fi hip hop/chillout album on Kawaii Kunai. The album is a lo-fi dreamscape about love from your games and anime and the personal journey we experience with our own emotions. Prime takes you on a journey through many familiar worlds from Zelda to the Mushroom Kingdom and even Pokemon to Afro Samurai, but he doesn’t stop there. He makes you deal with the pain of losing a game or dealing with a tough breakup but in a manner that is designed to soothe your mind.

“Love & Lo-Fi” is a fun journey through the theme of simple love with songs like “Mushroom Kingdom Kinda Love” and “Sonic and his Chili Dogs”. You will visit complex levels of love with the relaxing “When Zelda met Link” or the head bobbing revenge track, “The Number 2 Headband”. Prime even visits the heartbreak of seeing the screen says Game Over and dealing with difficult breakups that many of us experience in life.

Awesomus Prime is the convention DJ and nerdy producer who is quickly gaining renown among the anime and gaming scene. From performing at Otakon, Super MAGFest and even conquering the stages of Blerdcon, he has built a solid fan base with his message of love, inclusion, and spreading good vibes. He delivers an unstoppable Party with his anime, gaming, and pop culture-inspired music that gives you that one, two punch of nostalgia. He wanted to give everyone an album to help them on their way home from the party with “Love & Lo-Fi”; drawing inspiration from favorite artists like lofi Girl, lofi Geek, Game Chop’s “and Chill” series, and Chill Fruits.

For more information, promo request or to arrange an interview, contact Chris Diaz at [email protected] or 609-451-1521 Album link Contact Awesomus Prime [email protected] Twitch link YouTube link Instagram link Twitter link Facebook link

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