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lukey cage powers cosmic
lukey cage powers cosmic


Lukey Cage – Powers Cosmic

Editor’s Note: Warning Explicit Lyrical Content

Lukey Cage is a nerdcore rapper that was kind enough to send over a preview of his new album – Powers Cosmic. After a first listen to the album, you can quickly pickup on the nerd references (Senzu beans mentioned in the first 30 seconds on the first track alone!) and Wu-Tang influence.

Here is what Lukey Cage had to say about Powers Cosmic:

The name actually was just taken from the song on the album with that same name which was originally entitled “POWERS COSMIC 21-12-12” which was released on December 21, 2012 that day that the world was supposed to end. I saw a picture online of Galactus looking down at Earth and was inspired to write from that.

Lukey Cage

A preview of the album is below, but officially releases on 7/17/20 on Lukey Cages Bandcamp. Consider supporting the artist if you like what you hear.

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