Lvl Up Expo: The Experience

Lvl Up Expo: The Blerd Experience

Let’s talk about the expo I attended this weekend! It was the Lvl Up Expo in Las Vegas and it wasn’t really what I was expecting. As I said in my review video, I don’t have any specific expectations because I have never been to this con before but I still actually had a good time. It was definitely a different experience than going to a bigger con. It was still a good time, it was just different and from a blerd like myself, it’s good if you’re a gamer and deep in the cosplaying community. 

Cons of the Expo

There aren’t too many bad things I could say about this expo because again I wasn’t really setting any expectations. It isn’t something I had heard of until last year, and even then there weren’t too many people talking about it. I finally figured out why, and it was because more than anything it’s about vendors and gaming. It did have qualities of a bigger con like panels and workshops, however, unless you were just sitting upstairs and unless there was a programming schedule I missed, I had no idea what the panels were. 

I also wasn’t sure what time the panels started until my group and I decided to go up to the second floor to see what was going on up there that we discovered 2 panels were happening next to each other. We picked the panel on how original animes were created and animated. It was a cool concept but it was more of a workshop than a panel. You couldn’t too much hear what the host was saying and while there were plenty of seats, there weren’t any table cloths and because there was paint involved we could only watch the other people paint their anime panels and we had to take ours home. 

The gaming hall was actually pretty cool, they had a free to play arcade, but there was no one there to regulate anything so the same people stayed on the same games and didn’t really allow anyone else a turn to play them for quite a while. Even as an expo, it could have been organized just a little better. But for the blerd experience, the cons didn’t outweigh the pros or the fun of the expo. 

The Blerd Experience

Looking at this expo through the eyes of a blerd it was amazing to see so many blerd cosplayers and gamers in one place. There weren’t as many blerd vendors or panelists that were blerds but attendance wise it was more impressive than Wondercon. It was also interesting that the majority of the cosplayers and gamers were Vegas locals like myself. From the random wrestling matches that were happening in the middle of the gaming hall, to the robots that had been built and were battling it out on the hall floor, it was quite the spectacle. Again, I’d never heard of this expo until last year , so I wasn’t really sure if I would like it. And while my gaming is limited, I did enjoy watching people play in the tournament. 

As the days progressed it was increasingly obvious that this was meant for gamers. Even with the Hazbin Hotel cast on site for a panel conversation (which I could never find), I don’t think too many people outside of those who cosplayed as those characters were even interested. Everyone was either in the exhibitor hall or the gaming hall. Again there was a free to play gaming arcade almost as soon as you walked in so if you weren’t part of the tournaments you could still enjoy playing the games instead of just watching someone play them. And there were more blerd gamers in the tournaments than I originally thought which I also thought was very cool. 


Next year if you’re looking for something simple to do, absolutely I recommend this expo. Mainly because it was smaller, more intimate and focused on the group of people that can sometimes be left out at big cons and that would be the gamers.  

The extra focus on the cosplayers is just an added plus because I was very excited to see so many great cosplays and people having fun and being able to talk about their cosplays in depth to other cosplayers. The panels felt a little more personal and everything seemed to flow nicely. The Lvl Up Expo was definitely a unique blerd experience. 

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