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Marvel’s Blood Hunt: A Review

Marvel’s Blood Hunt: A Review

Have you seen the new Marvel crossover story? Have you been keeping up? If not, don’t worry I’ve got you! Just in case you’re unfamiliar, Marvel has presented us with their new bloody crossover event called Blood Hunt. It spans across the entire Marvel Universe and it is set to change the status quo of the universe in its entirety. Now, upon first hearing about it, I was quite skeptical. Mainly because really big stories don’t tend to work and they don’t stick. Especially if they are supposed to have devastating effects on the universe as a whole. With this story, there are 5 issues that are the core story. Outside of the core story are 54 other books that serve as tie-ins. We are about halfway through so I’m here to give you a bloody review of Marvel’s Blood Hunt! Spoiler Alert!

An Unexpected Villain in Blood Hunt

This story is full of little twists and turns, and the very first one is our villain. As we enter into the very first core issue, heroes and villains alike who have powers based in the dark dimension (i.e Cloak, Silhouette, Darkstar, etc.) have been turned into portals and darkness has covered the entire Earth. As usual, the Avengers are on the scene immediately and doing what they can. Miles Morales is handling himself pretty well until he’s approached by a friend with a mission.

The Avengers are also called back to their HQ called Impossible City by Blade because he has some information for them, HOWEVER, Blade is not who shows up at Impossible City. It is here we get our first look at the Bloodcoven. The Bloodcoven consists of mostly newly created characters. They are Megrim, Damascene, Smoke Eater, Cruel and Unusual and their leader Bloodstorm One who was a clone of Dracula created by Hydra. They take out the Avengers with relative ease and we immediately lose Black Panther, Thor and Wanda. Meanwhile, Blade has gone to see Doctor Strange who is working on a spell to take out all vampires and Blade, who is speaking VERY WEIRD, stabs Strange in the back…literally! And it is here that we have our villain revealed.

The twist in the first book sets the tone for the rest of the story and with no one but Dr. Strange, Clea, Miles Morales and the Avengers knowing who is really behind this. While the rest of the Marvel Universe is handling the vampires in their own way, in their own area, Blade takes center stage in a way that seems completely out of place for his character. The question then becomes is it really him? Or is there something else at work here?

The Family Reveal in Blood Hunt

While all of this has gone on, Dracula has been looking for Brielle who is Blade’s daughter. Dracula definitely has some idea of what’s going on and he knows what comes next so he needs to get to Brielle before her father does. When they first meet, Brielle does fight Dracula but eventually agrees to go with him to New York, the heart of all things. When everyone is at Doctor Strange’s house, Miles turns into a vampire and attacks Brielle, an order he was given by Blade when Blade turned him back in book 1. It is here that everyone reveals to Brielle that all of this is her father’s fault. Something she doesn’t take and ends up leaving with Miles and Dracula going after her.

This reveal is probably one of the best ones I’ve seen when it comes to these big stories. Mainly because you know, from when Brielle first met her father, how close she feels to him. You can tell she is having a hard time accepting this as truth and leaves to try to find out on her own, which according to Dracula would actually be a huge mistake. Blade even went to using the Bloodcoven to attack and capture Brielle but thanks to the interference of the rest of the Avengers, they weren’t able to do so and lost Megrim in the process.

For the Love of Tie-Ins in Blood Hunt

Now with this main story comes the tie-ins and usually the tie-ins, while offering some assistance to the main story, usually have their own plots going on and are used to serve different purposes like introducing new series or bringing in new characters. Very rarely do we see tie-ins offering so much information to the main story and the main story referring back to any of the tie-ins. So these books are truly doing their jobs as tie-ins!

My favorite couple of tie-ins are the Blood Hunters series, Black Panther, The Strange Academy, the Midnight Sons, and Dracula. These seem to be the most directly related to the main story. They are also the most exciting. Now while the other tie-ins are holding their own, there are only 2 of them that I’m not truly caring for. One of them, I think, needs a chance to get off the ground and that is the Union Jack the Ripper series. It just seems like something is missing in terms of a story related to Union Jack. The other is the Venom series which did what tie-ins usually do. It had some things related to the main story happening, basically the vampires, but then it simply ended up as the introduction into another big Venom story. Not fun.

My favorite part of all this though is that Dr. Doom has FINALLY entered the playing field. He’s been rather silent since book one of the main story. It is interesting to see his entrance in the Strange Academy’s second book. He was mentioned during the Black Panther tie-in, so you can’t help but wonder what exactly happened to make him leave that fortress of his. If only you all could see my excitement right now.

My Thoughts on Blood Hunt

To be honest, I think this is one of the best stories Marvel has done in a long time. For it to be this big and this bold and span across the entire Marvel universe is impressive. What’s even more impressive is the introduction and re-introduction of characters. How the Bloodcoven exploded onto the scene and jumped the Avengers, or in the Wolverine tie-in we have the reintroduction of Nightguard whose entire family was a group of vampire hunters until they were either killed or turned. The reintroduction of The Forgiven which is a group of vampires who gained control of their blood lust and fought to save humans.

All of these characters mesh really well together and we see bigger things happening. Blood being spilled, lives being changed, bonds being broken. And the stakes are so high, that we know this can’t end well for anyone involved. The lead up to this story was so intense and wild that I felt like I could almost predict how it was going to go, only for Marvel to make 4 left turns and run a stop sign. But the story is so fun. I can’t wait for it to be done.

If you haven’t read it by now, I definitely recommend it. If you want a breakdown of it, I’ve done several for not only the main issues but for the tie-ins as well. But honestly it’s such a great story, I think first hand reading it gives you the best impression!

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