Mashle Season 2 Opening: The Best opening of 2024?

The Year 2024 is just getting started but as very strong contender for the anime of the year has emerged early. Mashle Season 2 Opening is taking the anime community by storm! The song Bling-Bang-Bang-Born by the Japanese rap duo known as Creepy Nuts is a certified banger on it’s own. A-1 Pictures animation plus this song has multiplied the impact of this opening significantly

What is Mashle?

Mashle Season 2 Opening 1

Mashle: Muscles and Magic is a comedy adventure anime. If you took the world of Harry Potter and added a character like Rock Lee from Naruto, or Saitama from One Punch Man, you would end up with Mashle. Season one released in 2023 with a mild reception. A-1 Pictures took over from Studio Bones, which animated the first season of Mashle. The Mashle Season 2 Opening was an immediate note of the improvement of the series and the animation itself absolutely backed it up. If you are at all a fan of the series I compared this to, I HIGHLY recommend starting this on up. The satirical comedy style and the antics of the protagonist, Mash Burnedead, will keep you guessing and laughing.

Creepy Nuts

Mashle Season 2 Opening

Creepy Nuts is a Japanese hip hop unit formed by two prominent artists: rapper “R-Shitei” and DJ “DJ Matsunaga.” R-Shitei is well-known for his achievement of winning three consecutive titles in Japan’s rap battling competition, showcasing his exceptional skills and prowess in rap. DJ Matsunaga, on the other hand, is recognized for his significant accomplishment in the DJing arena, having won the DMC World DJ Championships in 2019. Together, they combine their respective talents in rap and DJing to create a unique and compelling sound in the Japanese hip hop scene.

Mashle Season 2 Opening

Even if none of that caught your eye, let this song catch your ear. If you are a fan of up-tempo dance music with a hip-hop feel, this is one for you. If you are reading this in English, you may not understand any of the words but, this Mashle Season 2 Opening is a banger regardless. Give it a try, and if you don’t like it come to the comments and tell us about it.

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