MomoCon 2024: A Notable Blerd Experience

This past weekend was a rough one! Not in a bad way though, just in a very busy way. I went to MomoCon for the first time and what a time it was. If you have never been to MomoCon it is held in Atlanta. And man is it HOT. Like southern hot not just like desert hot like I’m used to here in Vegas. Unlike the last couple of cons I’ve been to this year, I actually DID have expectations for this one. Mainly because for the past few years, I’ve always seen videos of those who have attended and all the fun they had while they were there. So I was honestly expecting the same and I was not disappointed. So let’s get into the Blerd experience at MomoCon 2024! 

The Cons of MomoCon

You already know how it goes, I like to get the bad things out of the way so that I can spend the rest of the time talking about the good fun things! So before I get into anything else, we have to talk about THE WALKING. My feet still hurt. Looking back at it all, it seems like mainly everything was in Building B, but it was hard to navigate between Buildings A, B and C. I honestly don’t think I ever even went to building A. But from building C to building B was probably a 15-20 minute walk depending on where you needed to go and they kept pushing people towards that way so that they could enter the exhibitor hall but I honestly don’t think that was necessary. 

Another con of this con was the security staffing. Some of them couldn’t answer questions about locations while others either refused to do so or were simply rude about it. It was extremely odd. Especially pertaining to the part of the con (Building C) where people were trying to relax and get air since it was empty and they weren’t allowed to sit down to rest their feet, take pictures without interruption or charge their phones/devices which definitely needed to happen. On Friday it wasn’t too bad because there weren’t as many people but Saturday it was so very crowded and hot and there were some cosplayers in giant costumes that needed rest and being in the exhibitor hall was too much so they would go sit outside and the security staff was just downright mean and rude for almost no reason. 

I think the only other thing that could be said was that the media area could have been done a bit better. The staff there was very nice but it was difficult for press or content creators/influencers to get anything done down there. Where wi-fi was promised, no wi-fi was given. There was supposed to be a meet and greet and no one showed up until it was essentially almost over and it kind of disappeared as a “safe haven” for any of the media people when it started getting crowded which I thought was a bit odd. For a blerd experience with MomoCon in particular, the cons didn’t prevent me from having a good time but they were definitely noted. 

Hall of Wonder

Now moving on into the exhibitor hall, this was where it was a lot of fun on all of the days. Meeting different vendors and seeing what they had to offer was always fun. I stopped by the booth for Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams. It was exciting to see Greg in particular because I’ve read his work. I did do a couple videos on characters he helped create from the series the Tuskegee Heirs. That is a great story, if you’ve never read it I think you definitely should! 

Getting to know more about him and another one of the comic artists/writers named Kelly was a really good time. They are all actively working on new projects and Greg is still writing with DC Comics which I think is amazing. There were so many fun vendors and people to talk to. Blerdcon had a booth as well, while we didn’t get to talk to them for an extended period of time they had some people interested in Blerdcon and they were having a good time at the con in general so it was still fun getting to interact with them. 

Also inside the exhibitor hall was the gaming hall, wrestling and an anime car show. The car show seemed to be the most interesting out of the three while the wrestling and the gaming were equally fun. They also had LARPing, and some people were just reenacting fight scenes in open spaces for fun. There were a couple of dance offs and a lot of interaction and mingling. This was the blerd experience I was looking for. There was so much going on but it was almost like organized chaos and blerds made sure to find one another and have a good time. They took pictures, made videos, danced, added each other on social media and made that space their own as long as they were in it and it was not only amazing to see but also amazing to be a part of. THAT is the blerd experience we should all want. 

Party Scene 

I ended up going to 2 parties for this con. The first one was Friday night. It was the official MomoCon afterparty. It was actually pretty fun. This one some people did show up in their cosplays but they weren’t extravagant. This party was definitely more of a chill party. It wasn’t extremely crowded, the music was fun, plenty of seating with some good drinks. You were able to interact with people in a cool setting and everyone was having a pretty chill time. 

Now, the party on SATURDAY was DRASTICALLY different. First and foremost it was hot. Like I mean hot for real. I believe where we were was called Trap Sushi. So starting off with the drinks, they were delicious but it was hard to go back for another one because the line was so long. I think it was because there were only 2 bars in there and one was for VIP. The food was delicious! It was actually my first time having actual sushi so I was both nervous and excited. If you didn’t want sushi there was of course other food, one place in particular had these amazing loaded hot dogs. 

The music was definitely on point and this contributed to that blerd experience. This is where all of those dancing edits would end up coming from. Everyone was hyping each other up, the dance circles were all over the dance floor and it was just a big group of people having a good time. There was a gaming section, places to sit when you got tired, the only thing was, it was in a warehouse and it was HOT. Some people who had on their elaborate cosplays I just know were truly burning up. The cosplayers were just as fun here as they were at the con, some people had cosplays specifically for this event. 

It was really cool to see people going to the different vendors that were at the party but especially fun when they came over to the Blerd booth. It was also awesome to see them taking pictures in front of the Blerd screen and knowing that they knew what Blerd is and what it’s about was just part of that amazing blerd experience as a party goer.

In conclusion

For my first time going to MomoCon, I had a really good time. This was definitely an experience for the books. I didn’t realize I essentially worked the whole time because the work and my experience with this con as a blerd went hand in hand. Speaking to other people who had either never been to this con or had been to this con years ago and finally made their way back around to it, was refreshing because it was like having a brand new experience. 

I would definitely do this con again, it is too fun not to. I don’t think I would do it as press though, I think I would want to cosplay this time around. One thing I do regret is not getting to the panels like I wanted. They were in Building B and it seemed like more effort and energy than I had to make it all the way over there from where I was. I think my hope in coming back is that some things are made much more simple. I don’t think everything had to be overly complicated especially when it came to the locations for certain activities and things like that. So hopefully a little more organization on that end. Other than that, this was definitely a positive blerd experience, thank you MomoCon and see you all at Dreamcon! 

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