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nike bb 2.0 blerd kicks
nike bb 2.0 blerd kicks


Nike Adapt BB 2.0 – Blerd Kicks

Back to the future shoes are almost here with the Nike Adapt BB 2.0, the predecessor to the Nike BB1.0. These self lacing shoes release February 16, 2020.

Nike gets us closer and closer to our very own back to the future shoes with this update to their BB self lacing sneaker line.  Nike boasts that the BB 2.0 will have a bouncier court feel, better ride, are easier to put on, more and more immersive detailing.  While the BB 1.0 was a very cool shoe, it did have a few downfalls as far as ease of putting on an comfort.  However, the ability to self-lace your own shoe and change the colors with an app was too much for our founder to pass up:

Yes I bought the BB 1.0, yes I know it cost $400, and yes I know I do not hoop anymore...but the tech geek and sneakerhead in me had to have a pair.  Plus $400 is way less than the cost of a pair of Air Mags, if I could even find any in my size."
Terril Rell Fields Blerd
Terril Fields
Founder of Blerd

A comparison of the Nike Adapt 1.0 to the Nike Adapt 2.0.  This is Rell's personal pair. 

The BB 2.0 is definitely more stylish than the 1.0 and was worn by Ja Morant on his January 20th game against the New Orleans Pelicans. The shoes still connect to your phone via bluetooth and still come with the charging pad of the original (are you ok with charging your shoes? Let me know in the comments).  If you have $400 to spend and are a sneakerhead blerd, you can buy these on the official SNKRS app or on the SNKRS website this Sunday.  

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