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Bob Marley’s Legacy in a Nutshell: A Film Review You Might Want to Check Out

So, you think you know Bob Marley because you’ve jammed to “One Love” a few times? Fantastic Frankey took a deep dive into a film about Marley’s life and came up with some interesting takes that might just change the way you see the reggae legend. If you’re curious, her review on YouTube is worth a look.

Frankey gives props to the actors playing Bob and Rita Marley for nailing their roles and getting into the nitty-gritty of their complicated relationship. But she doesn’t shy away from pointing out the film’s struggles with cramming Marley’s huge legacy into just a couple of hours. It seems like a lot got left out, leaving viewers with more questions than answers about Marley’s impact on music and politics.

Despite the film’s shortcomings, Frankey reckons it’s a decent starting point for anyone looking to get a crash course on Marley. She digs into how the film presents its story, even if she’s not 100% on board with all the artistic choices.

Curious? You can catch the full breakdown on Fantastic Frankey’s YouTube channel. It’s an honest take that doesn’t sugarcoat the film’s flaws.

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