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pharrell jayz entrepreneur music video


Pharrell & Jay-z – Entrepreneur Official Video

Pharrell & Jay-Z crafted a marvel of a music video highlighting a plethora of black entrepreneurs. It is wonderful to see Black Entrepreneurship represented from across the globe and I particularly love seeing Blerds Issa Rae and Arthell S Isom from D’ART studios, represented for the culture.

“Serial entrepreneur we on our own,

stop sitting round waiting for folks to throw you a bone.

Even if you cant buy the building at least stock the shelf,

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then keep on stacking till you stocking for yourself”.-Jay-Z

Powerful lyrics and stunning visuals grace the uptempo Pharrell beat.

Directed by Calmatic Producers Candice Dragonas, Tina Pavlides & Lola Ridgell A Prettybird Production

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let us know what you think about the video in the comments.

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Editor in Chief // Blerds out about: Cheesing Video Games, Tech, Anime, Sports.


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