Rebel Moon: Zack Snyder’s Star Wars?!

Rebel Moon” Under the Microscope: A “Then and Now Podcast” Review

The “Then and Now Podcast,” co-hosted by Captain Diesel, Professor E, and featuring our own content director at, Lelouche_Vi, recently took a deep dive into the cinematic experience of “Rebel Moon.” Known for its striking visuals, the film was subjected to a rigorous critique focusing on its narrative structure, character development, and overall execution.

Plot and Narrative Shortcomings:

The film’s attempt to echo the classic narrative of “Seven Samurai” was met with disappointment from the hosts. The central character, Atres, was criticized for a lackluster performance, a flaw attributed to both the writing and direction. This lack of depth, compounded by predictable plot lines and overused tropes, led to a consensus of dissatisfaction with the film’s storytelling.

Visual Style vs. Narrative Substance:

“Rebel Moon” was acknowledged for its visual allure, but the podcast highlighted a significant issue: an excessive reliance on slow-motion scenes. This overemphasis on style was seen as overshadowing the substance of the narrative, detracting from the film’s potential impact.

Host Ratings and Concluding Thoughts:

Ratings for “Rebel Moon” varied among the hosts, ranging from a low of two to a middle ground of five out of ten. They agreed that despite its visually coherent storyline, the movie was severely hampered by a lack of engaging and original storytelling. The episode concluded with a forward look to future film discussions, hoping for more depth and richness in cinematic experiences.

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