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*disclaimer – Blerd does not endorse any cryptocurrency or suggest any financial advice*

Blerd is brought to you in part because of cryptocurrency, mainly ripple. I stumbled into the crypto world completely by chance while I was reading a random message board online in early 2017.  Commentators mentioned how big cryptocurrency was going to be.  With all things online (and especially cryptocurrency) you should take such claims with a grain of salt.  I am a sucker for branding (I am that guy that buys products in the gas station with flashy packaging) so Ripple stood out to me. 

While I was super skeptical, I did remember hearing the stories of all the bitcoin millionaires. I just came off of a pretty good sales year in 2016, so I had a bit of disposable income.  For whatever reason I was willing to take the risk and dive in, so I bought a bit of Ripple.  If nothing else, as a blerd I figured I would learn more about the cryptocurrency world. 

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Sometimes you hit that moment of luck x timing x opportunity.  That was the case with Ripple, as the returns ended up being astronomical on my investment. is basically the bible of crypto and tells you how various currencies are trending.  Think of the site as almost the NASDAQ of cryptocurrencies.  You can see from the chart below what happened to Ripple in particular.  

Just like the stock market, what goes up must go down.  The cryptocurrency market started to tank heavily towards the end of last year.  There is always risk with any type of investment/gamble and unfortunately many people caught onto the trend way too late.  The market has bounced back up some, but still not to the 2017 levels.  Luckily I got to walk away with enough gains to launch this site! 

I am definitely no blockchain or crypto guru by any means or measure.  At the end of the day, i’m a techie and love to explore just about anything tech related.  If you are interested in learning a bit more, I recommend checking out the channels of the crypto blerds below.

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