Sana Starros & The History of Black Characters in Star Wars

Star Wars has a diverse array of characters across its expansive universe, and while there have been Back characters, few of them have felt authentically Black. An exception to this is Sana Starros, a character who shines a unique light on Black authenticity within the Star Wars Canon.

Unveiling the Character of Sana Starros

Sana Starros stands out not only for her personal narrative but also due to the authentic portrayal of her family. A significant part of Starros’s narrative was revealed in Justina Ireland’s Sana Starros miniseries. The series, which has recently completed its fifth issue, takes a deep dive into her family, known as the Starros Clan.

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The Intriguing Starros Clan

One of the striking characters from the Starros clan is Sana’s grandmother, Grammy Thea, who was a former sniper for Infamous Nest. Many Star Wars fans would remember this character from Solo: A Star Wars Story. As the family matriarch, Thea holds a strong and notable presence.

Additionally, we encounter Sana’s Aunt Mevera, a complex character who is equally adept at painting as she is at handling a blaster. Aunt Mevera isn’t just an artist but also a smuggler and arms dealer, adding layers to her character.

Orisha, the daughter of Aunt Mevera, is yet another fascinating member of the family. Orisha’s intriguing relationship status, seemingly married to an Imperial officer, adds to the family’s complex dynamics.

Lastly, we meet Sana’s brother, Phel, a committed Imperial officer, bringing another facet of the Star Wars universe into the family narrative.

Sana Starros: A Symbol of Black Authenticity

Star Wars: Sana Starros (2023) #1 (Variant) | Comic Issues | Marvel

The characters introduced in the Sana Starros miniseries are more than just members of the Star Wars universe; they embody the essence of Black authenticity within this universe. This might not seem noteworthy initially, but it’s important to consider that Star Wars has a history of Black Star Wars characters who, despite their presence, do not convey the genuine Black experience.

Reading the Star Wars comics, particularly the Sana Starros solo miniseries, leads to an awakening. The realization that while Black characters have featured in Star Wars, none of them have exuded the authentic Black experience, is somewhat surprising. This could be because these characters were mostly written by White people.

The John Boyega Incident: A Turning Point in Black Representation

Actor John Boyega, known for his role as Finn in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, publically expressed dissatisfaction with his character’s development and treatment, pointing out the sidelining of Black characters in the franchise. His comments sparked conversations about the representation and authenticity of Black characters in Star Wars, helping to draw attention to this important issue.

Sana Starros Star Wars 1 Justina Ireland

Justina Ireland: Breathing Life into Black Characters

This trend of underrepresentation begins to shift with the introduction of Sana Starros in the main Star Wars comics by Jason Aaron. Despite Aaron being a White man, he was able to capture the essence of a Black character’s experience in the Star Wars universe.

However, the turning point comes with Justina Ireland’s series. Ireland, a Black woman writing a Black character, brings an entirely different level of authenticity to these characters. In her hands, the characters come across as 100% authentically Black in the Star Wars universe.

The Impact of Authentic Black Characters in Star Wars

The presence of Sana Starros and her family in the Star Wars universe opens up discussions about Black authenticity. It shows that Black people don’t necessarily need to act just as they do in the real world in a fictional setting to be considered authentic. Rather, they need to resonate with the readers’ perception of genuine Black characters.

The character of Sana Starros, and indeed the entire Starros Clan, introduces an authentic portrayal of Black people in the Star Wars universe. This authenticity, amplified by Justina Ireland’s touch, is not only refreshing but also opens the door for more such portrayals in the future.

Let us know your thoughts on Sana Starros and your perception of Black authenticity within the Star Wars universe. Keep the conversation going and keep exploring galaxies far, far away.

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