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This month's indie comic is "Drift of Dreams" an Afropunk Sci-Fi Fantasy by Swordsfall Studios. The world of Drift of Dreams highlights Black characters,...


Slate & Ashe is an indie comic from Black owned independent comic book company Echelon Graphic Novels. Created by Ethan Murphy (a Raleigh, North...


Hazard details the story of young Accra whose life is hit by tragedy which causes him to uncover mysteries about secret organizations, supernatural forces,...


Okemus is a sci-fi, action, anime-inspired story that follows Cale. An orphaned teen who unknowingly possesses a latent super-human ability. Four villainous biomechanical warriors...


NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK KICKSTARTER Today’s indie comic is actually an anthology of stories in one graphic novel called Black Noir. Kristal Adams...

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