Tap’N No Cap’N ” BACKLASH” talk with @TheRealKima on canceling DreamCon

The Viral Critique:

In a realm where pop culture enthusiasts unite to celebrate their passions, conventions have evolved into significant cultural phenomena. Dreamcon, a yearly highlight for fans, experienced a mix of success and backlash during its fifth annual edition. The Tap’n No Cap’n podcast on the Blerd Approved Entertainment YouTube channel dedicated an episode to dissecting Dreamcon 2023, with host Khan_Man.510 leading a diverse panel of guests through a comprehensive exploration of the event’s highs and lows.

The spotlight was on @TheRealKima, whose TikTok critique of Dreamcon 2023 went viral. Kima’s candid commentary resonated with attendees and online audiences alike, as she expressed her concerns about the convention’s organization, communication gaps, and perceived inadequacies. Her video spurred an impactful conversation about the complex challenges conventions face in catering to a diverse fan base.

Roundtable Discussion:

Host Khan_Man.510 was joined by a panel of distinct voices, each contributing their unique insights to the conversation. The lineup included @Lelouche.Vi, a seasoned convention attendee; @Ebony_Moonbeamcosplay, an influential cosplayer; @Hi.Lexachan, a passionate “blerd” and cosplayer; and @b.m.tbusinessmindedtalk4199, a content creator with a business-minded perspective.

Pros and Cons of Dreamcon 2023:
The podcast panelists engaged in a comprehensive analysis of Dreamcon 2023, highlighting both its successes and areas in need of improvement.


  1. Diverse Celebrity Guests: Dreamcon 2023 boasted a wide array of celebrity guests from various fields, appealing to a broad spectrum of attendees.
  2. Engaging Panels and Workshops: Interactive and informative panels provided a platform for fans to engage with creators and industry professionals.
  3. Cosplay Spotlight: The convention celebrated creativity through a dynamic cosplay showcase, allowing cosplayers to shine and connect with fellow enthusiasts.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Dreamcon facilitated networking between content creators, artists, and entrepreneurs within the pop culture sphere.


  1. Communication Hiccups: Attendees encountered challenges in obtaining timely information about schedules, changes, and event updates.
  2. Crowd Management: The convention’s immense popularity led to overcrowding, resulting in extended wait times for popular attractions and panels.
  3. Inclusivity Concerns: Some attendees expressed reservations about the event’s accessibility for differently-abled individuals.
  4. Room for Improvement: There were areas in which the convention could enhance its offerings, creating a more comprehensive and seamless experience.


The Tap’n No Cap’n podcast episode offered a platform for nuanced discourse on Dreamcon 2023’s successes and setbacks. The discussion underscored the intricate nature of hosting an event that caters to diverse interests, tastes, and expectations. The panelists emphasized the significance of transparent communication, inclusivity, and striking a balance between fan experience and organizational challenges.

As Dreamcon 2023 came to a close, the Tap’n No Cap’n podcast demonstrated its ability to foster a constructive dialogue, where differing viewpoints converged to form a holistic perspective on the convention’s evolution. The journey of Dreamcon serves as a reminder that growth and learning persist even amid backlash, reflecting the dynamic nature of both convention culture and its community.

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