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The 5 Best Love, Death, & Robots Episodes

If you love any combination of love, death, or robots this is the show for you.  The entire anthology was phenomenal.  This is a mostly spoiler free ranking.  Each episode is only a few minutes long, but if you only have time for a few, here are the 5 to watch:

Blindspot Death Love Robots
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#5 Blindspot

The number 5 spot was really hard to narrow down, as I loved the Three Robots episode as well, but Blindspot (pun intended) ultimately won.  This episode is about a group of mercenary robots on a mission to acquire a chip from a robot on a train.  The short is fast paced and the characters are immediately memorable.  This episode also reminds me of one of my favorite gaming series Borderlands.  

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#4 Good Hunting

The beginning of this feels like a traditional Chinese folklore tale and reminds me of Mulan art wise.   In terms of pure story, I would rank this the second best as it is extremely well written.  It mashes together themes of spirituality, steampunk and friendship.  There are some strange… aspects of sexuality and graphic violence so definitely do not watch this with children.  

If you love any combination of love, death, or robots this is the show for you. 

suits death love robots
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#3 Suits

This episode is about farmers in mechs fighting off hordes of alien monsters.  The writers immediately make you feel for the characters and you are pulling for them to win the entire time. If you are a gamer, this episode feels like a crossover of Titanfall, a mobile rts game, and a quiet place. 

Zima Blue Love Death Robots
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#2 Zima Blue

First let me say, that Zima is 1000% black even to the end.  Zima Blue is about an artist who creates world renowned masterpieces.  The artwork itself is meant to make you reflect and is done in more of a classical high contrast comic book style.  I absolutely will not spoil this episode because it was almost #1.  Occasionally you will experience something so thought provoking that it will make you question everything.  This is that type of experience. 

sonnies edge death love robots
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#1 Sonnie’s Edge

While not as thought provoking as Zima Blue, this episodes realistic animation style and monster on monster gladiator fights won me over.  This episode features graphic sex and violence that is mostly thematic of the series.  I will not spoil the ending, so check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. 

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