The Blerd Guide To Dream Con 2024

The Blerd Guide To Dream Con 2024

You know The Blerd Team shows up to Dream Con every year, so you could consider us veterans of attending the conference this year. Dream Con continues to grow every year, and if it is your first time making it out to the convention it could be a bit overwhelming. Have no fear though, your friendly Blerds are here to help out! Here is the essential Blerd Guide To Dream Con 2024:

Find Your Tribe

Dream Con 2024 App

You’ve booked your tickets and have set out to Austin! Now what? Dream Con is one of the few major events around the country where you can meet your tribe in person! You want to make sure you take every opportunity to connect with others like yourself! The Dream Con attendees are some of the friendliest you will meet in the convention space so don’t be afraid to get out there and meet new people. This is somewhat easier said than done, especially if you are a bit of an introvert. Luckily technology is here to save the day! The official Dream Con App should be one of the first stops. You can use the interact section to see what other Dream Con 2024 attendees are talking about and engage in conversations with them. You can also find others in our Black Nerd Group on Facebook. You are most definitely going to interact with others along with way, probably even waiting in line….

Dream Con 2023 Photos 4

Plan & Be Early

Dream Con at this point is one of the biggest gaming and anime conventions in the country, so you want to be prepared accordingly. Make sure you bring extra cash, wear extra deodorant (even in Texas heat, Dream Con is known as one of the best smelling cons), extra changes of clothes (including fits for nightlife; we will get to that later), a photo charger, and a backpack or bag to keep it all in. You want to be able to navigate quickly, so make sure that you know the layout of the convention. The convention will announce the location of the badge pickup and you want to make sure you are there EARLY as that line can get long with all of the excited attendees. A best rule of thumb is to make sure that you are very early to any of the events your really have your heart set on, so that you can get your spot before things hit capacity. This is advice that I would give for any of the major conventions.

Take Breaks, Eat & Stay Hydrated

dreamcon 2022 blerd 3

Remember that Dream Con weekend is a marathon and not a race! Make sure to take breaks, eat and stay hydrated. That seems like simple enough advice, but with all that is going on its not hard to skip a meal or two. You will be in downtown Austin and there are food options literally everywhere. You want to stay as hydrated as possible in the heat, and especially if you are going to parties. Do not have a bad experience from not taking care of yourself over the weekend.

Keep Your Phone and Camera Ready

Make sure that you keep your camera charged and ready to go at all times! You will meet so many people that you want to make memories with. You may also stumble upon some of your best online friends, influencers, and even celebrities. Here are some of the special guests for Dream Con 2024:

Network Heavily

image 10

Emphasizing community again, your tribe will be at Dream Con and you want to take advantage of it. Whether you are a creator, looking for a job, or purely want to have fun, Dream Con 2024 will have opportunities for you! If content creation is your thing, make sure that you attend the various meetups posted in the groups and that you see in the app. If you are looking for a job there is an official Dream Con Career Fair this year to help you break into the industry. You can also attend panels like Level Up, Game Shark: Code Switching while Black in Corporate America, & How to Boost your Brand & Get into the Anime/Gaming Industry.

IMG 2104 conv

Join Cosplay Meetups

Dream Con 2024 Cosplay Contest

Whether you are a cosplayer or not, the cosplay contest and meetups are great places to see some of the best cosplayers in the country. You can find others to take photo ops with or just watch in amazement. Please make sure to mind your manners and ask permission before snapping photos or touching anyone. If you really want to go in, you can compete for the $1,000 in prizes during the cosplay contest too.

Dream Con Cosplayers

Buy Merch From The Vendor Hall

IG Story 15

Dream Con has one of the best vendor halls in the country, especially if you are looking for Black Nerd businesses. A lot of the merch is the same…but with a bit more Blerd flavor on it! I must admit that I pretty much always go over what I budgeted in the Dream Con vendor hall. Make sure to stop by the Blerd Pop-Up booth at V31 for a Blerd Dream Con 2024 Exclusive Tee!

Dream Con Tee IG Post

Visit The Gaming Hall

Gaming at conventions is one of my favorite things to do for a few reasons. 1) It can get super competitive which is fun to me, 2) a crowd of others to meet tends to naturally form, 3) it’s an easy way to make sure you are sitting down, cooling down, and taking both a physical and mental break. The Dream Con gaming tournaments are fun to watch especially when things start heating up. Make sure to check out tabletop gaming at Dream Con too.

Party at Offsite Events

IMG 1819 conv

Once you’re ready to be on demon time, the offsite parties at Dream Con begin! Here are the ones we would recommend checking out: 438197532 18252721630220996 9096607027667008555 n 1080
LAN Party Blerd 5 Year Anniversary Party
Cosplay Cruise Dreamcon 2024

There are also bars and parties all over 5th street (as well as food options), so if you like to hop from place to place make sure to go there as well. You’ll see tons of lines and know exactly where to go.


Dream Con 2024 is set to be one of the best conventions of the year! The Blerd Team is excited for all of the special events, guests, vendors and friends we will see this year. If you bump into us make sure to say hi!

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