The New Nerd: A Glimpse Into Black Nerd Culture

The New Nerd is a mini documentary series highlighting black nerd interests in anime, comics, cosplay, video games and their experiences within those mediums.  Produced by Yahya Ismail of Yahzilla Productions, this lighthearted series gives authentic viewpoints from influential black nerds.  Obviously, we could immediately relate to the opinions in the series.  It was refreshing to see a series like this on a mainstream platform like Amazon.  

Chibi Thot, a Brooklyn based nerd and cosplayer.
Arnie Myers Nintendo
Arnie Myers: Training & Development Coordinator at Nintendo
Yedoye Travis
Yedoye Travis: A comedian, writer, and anime enthusiast

If you’re going to represent people, represent them well.  I’m not asking you for more or less, I’m just asking you for better. 

Yedoye Travis

I’ve worked in television for ten years and as I start to venture out independently on my own projects I wanted to focus on content that was surrounding my interests.  I play a lot of video games.  I’m into sci-fi, anime, and comics.  My wife and I just took our 4 year old to Anime NYC. Where she was cosplaying Sailor Moon.  So I figured, why not have fun shining light on things that I like? More importantly, I want to show that our people are not one dimensional in interests, hobbies, and vocation.  “I didn’t know black people watched anime” “I didn’t know black people played RPG’s” was a response I started to hear a lot while growing up.  I just wanted to show that one person’s interests don’t speak for us all, and that there a lot of things that we are into passionately, but unfortunately people don’t know us as well as they think they do.  I plan on continuing this series with more seasons that will contain more episodes in the future.  I want kids and adults to know that our interests tend to lead us down certain paths.  My wife is an electrical engineer, and maybe her interests in fantasy novels, Doctor Who, and hard science fiction might have contributed to her journey.  Not that we all need to be techy’s and animators, but there’s nothing wrong with being smart, a nerd, or into what the masses aren’t doing. 

Yahya Ismail – Director of The New Nerd
Joshua Bullock of Monarchs Comic

We’re just not hip hop, We’re just not sports.  There’s an entire culture of us out here.

Joshua Bullock
Daphne Larose: Software Engineer Niantic
Daphne Larose: Software Engineer for Niantic
Ahmed Abdullah Founder Game Dev Decoy Games
Ahmed Abdullah: Founder & Game Dev for Decoy Games

The New Nerd is an enjoyable, digestible glimpse into the culture. Please make sure to check out the The New Nerd series on Amazon Prime and support black creators.   

Editor in Chief // Blerds out about: Cheesing Video Games, Tech, Anime, Sports.

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