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sonic movie fixed


The Sonic Movie is officially fixed!

Sonic The Hedgehog releases February 14, 2020. Fan support pushed Paramount Pictures and Director Jeff Fowler to redesign Sonic to his classic style.

sonic movie fixed
sonic movie original

The Sonic The Hedgehog movie was initially met with backlash after Paramount Pictures decided to take more creative liberties with the style of the iconic gaming character.  After the debacle of the more “realistic” Sonic design which was released to the public this past April, Paramount actually took the unexpected road listening to fans and redesigning the character. 

I understand that these newer movies are more geared towards kids today, but the 90’s kid in me also refused to accept the creative direction that Paramount first took with the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie.  The fan outcry was large enough for director Jeff Fowler to take it back to the drawing board and delay the movie until the new release date of February 14, 2020. 

Tuesday we got a new look of the Sonic The Hedgehog movie with the trailer Paramount Pictures (see above) released.  The redesign of Sonic goes back to a more classic look that that the OG Sega Genesis gamers grew up loving.  The redesign was headed up by VFX artist Tyson Hesse who knocked it out the park.  Sonic Mania is one of my go to Nintendo Switch games to play during flights, so I was especially happy to see the change.  

While I do not believe in the conspiracy that the first design was a marketing hack, I do think that it definitely helped drum up more interest in the movie. One thing that does have me excited about the new Sonic film is the casting of Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik.  I cannot think of another actor more perfect for this part and I will definitely be checking out the film off the strength of that casting alone.   

Image via The Daily Dot

Of course, Twitter dropped a ton of memes after the redesign overwhelmingly showing their support.  What do you think of the new redesign?  Is it enough for you to check out the new movie?  Let us know in the comments below or on our socials.  And of course; some of the Twitter memes to end:

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