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Tickling Your Ears – Blerd Community

Tickling Your Ears – Blerd Community

Tickling Your Ears - Blerd Community Cover

Hey everyone! I’m V.K. Neko or Neko for short. I am a voice actor. Been living my dream of mine for over six years now. Just recently I started dabbling into ASMR ROLEPLAY on YouTube and other social platforms.

Started out by voice acting being just a dream. Tried to go into voice acting school but it was so expensive I thought that was as far my dream would go.

There’s this is all where you can sing and act called Smule. I figured I join as my outlet to act and sing. Started with earbuds. Horrible quality but whatever works right? After a few years, I decided if I am going to be serious about making this into a career, that I needed to be serious about my equipment.

After a week or two of having the microphone in my cart online, I closed my eyes and hit the ‘Place Order’ I promised myself since I’m getting this super cool equipment, I would work hard and stay hungry on voice acting, and now ASMR ROLEPLAY.

Thankful that I have had so many opportunities and offers. Some are still in the works so I can’t say much right now but I welcome you to my YouTube channel.

Appreciate the opportunity to put my words in such a large community. I’m proud to be a Blerd and I hope I can encourage people out there to not give up on your dreams. Regardless of your age. If you’re hungry enough, you’ll get there.

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Voice Acting and ASMR Roleplay

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V.K. Neko

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