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Top Black Fortnite Skins
Top Black Fortnite Skins


Our Top 5 Black Fortnite Skins

Fortnite has shown a commitment to diversity in the games character design. Here are 5 of our favorite Black Fortnite skins.

Our Top 5 Black Fortnite Skins

Black representation in gaming characters has come a long way.  Fortnite has been especially good about being inclusive of Black Fortnite Skins within the game, which no doubt has partially helped it’s popularity.  Not only are the characters varied and interesting, but they also come with multiple Black hairstyles and not just the default Caesar cut or Afro styles from the past. Here is our breakout of the best Black Fortnite skins in the game:

updated 10/8/2020

Breazy’s Picks

Jevon Portee Editor Blerd

#1 Sofia aka Halle Berry

Sofia Halle Berry Fornite Skin

Sofia (Halle Berry) from the John Wick series takes the #1 spot for me.  Because its Halle Berry – Halle Berry! 

#2 Travis Scott

Travis Scott Fortnite Skin

Travis Scott is the #2 pick.  Travis Scott is actually a fan of Fortnite and has even played with Ninja.  The Travis Scott Fortnite concert was one of the best virtual events I have ever seen.  This cements the Travis Scott Fortnite skin as #2 for me.  He even has the Travis Scott J’s on and has custom emotes.

#3 Strong Guard

Strong Guard NFL Fortnite Skin

Customizable skins are one of the best parts of Fortnite. The Strong Guard Fortnite skin is one of the first skins that allowed for customization in the game.  As an NFL fan, this one had to make the list.

#4 Starfish

Starfish Fortnite Skin

Starfish is one of the more colorful and adventurous Black Fortnite skins that there are.  Black people are not a monolith so it is cool to see the designers go all out with an intricate design on the Starfish Fortnite skin. 

#5 Brite Gunner

Brite Gunner Fortnite Skin

Again going with the theme of Black people not being a monolith, Brite Gunner has a creative design and represents Black people well.  The hair design is well done and not a style you would normally see outside of sports games.

Rell’s Picks


#1 Storm

Storm Fortnite Skin

As an X-Men fan, Storm had to take the #1 spot for me.  It is strange to see the character running around with guns, but the custom emotes and alternate Storm styles made this skin especially dope! 

#2 Backlash

Backlash Fortnite Skin

Backlash takes the second spot and honestly this was a hard pick.  The customizability of a Black superhero in a video game is absolutely awesome! Backlash even has multiple Black hairstyles to go along with the numerous other style options. 

#3 Blade

Blade Fortnite Skin

Blade was the movie that really started the MCU, so of course this Fortnite skin had to make the list.  Blade is one of my favorite movie franchises, so it was especially exciting to see the Blade Fortnite skin released into the game.  Marvel really stepped it up with the latest releases. 

#4 Finn

Finn Fortnite Skin

As a big Star Wars fan, I couldn’t leave Finn off of this list.  While Disney did not do this character justice, Finn was still a leading Black character in a Star Wars movie and the skin is well done.  Fortnite even managed to nail John Boyega’s hair and facial expressions. 

#5 Komplex

Komplex Fortnite Skin

Komplex was originally a Fortnite tournament exclusive skin in the Summer Smash Cup. It was later made available in the item shop and was definitely a pick up for me.  The intricate design and graffiti styling reminded me of the inner city.  They grey dreadlocks on the character were also a nice touch.

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