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“What’s Their Twitch?” PushPlayTheDJ

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Grace and Peace Fam Bam! If you didn’t know, Twitch is the platform for everything gaming related and creativity. You can find some of the biggest names in the gaming community there. I wanted to create a spotlight for growing Twitch streamers that I know you will enjoy.

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This round we have PushPlayTheDJ! He’s a variety streamer, avid but noobish gamer, music aficionado, sports junkie, wrestling fanatic, and a person just passionate about being a light for others. I wanted to share his story with you. So “What’s Their Twitch?”, you can find him at He streams Mondays 7 pm to 11 pm est for Monday Night Raw and games, Tuesdays 7 pm to 10 pm est for co streams, Wednesdays 7 pm to 10 pm est for Wednesday Night War and games, Thursdays are TBA, Fridays 7 pm to 10 pm est for Smackdown Live and games, and Saturdays starting at 12 pm est for gaming and chatting. Catch him on all of his social media, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and Clutch at PushPlayTheDJ.

Round 1:
Share with the class about your Twitch channel and your community.

The CRIB (channel) is a big home that welcomes everyone to share their passion for wrestling, gaming and any other things in life. I try my best to give our Youngins and Jits (Community) a place to be safe from any distractions in the outside world and to offer a hand, arm, or ear to make them feel at peace. I love everyone that I have come in contact with and all who have helped to make our CRIB grow.

Twitch is all about games and creativity. What type of content do you stream on your channel?
I am a huge wrestling fan so I mainly do wrestling commentary and analysis. We discuss the state of wrestling across ALL Promotions and give a play by play match commentary and analysis. I give the community the chance to provide their insight into the wrestling world. We also play a variety of games from the FPS to the old school Retro games from the consoles of our younger days. I will also DJ live from time to time as well.
What made you start this journey in streaming and when did you start?
I made a major life change and I moved from where I grew up most of my life. I had moments where times got dark and I wanted something to get me to a better place. My best friend mentioned streaming as something to look at as a release and it sparked a flame in me. I built a PC a few months later and I started my journey in December 2018 playing Kirby’s Adventure on NES. So Twitch has been such a blessing in giving me a release from the stress of the world.

What are some of the issues and challenges that you’ve faced on Twitch and how did you overcome them?
I will say the biggest challenge for me are a combination of breaking out of the niche and showing true variety in my content and streams and the typical user that says wrestling is “fake”. I use those moments to put my passion on full display and give a detailed breakdown of the masterpiece that is sports entertainment. I try to include various games that bring out more reactions from me and just some that display what I truly love in games.

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What are some of the resources and support that you use, that’s out there for creating a broadcast on Twitch?
The best resource I use is VSDC Pro to edit clips and I post them on social media. I love the new app Clutch because it’s dedicated to gaming clips. Reaching out to other streamers and getting advice and insight from them as well has been so helpful. I just got a GoXLR and I’m excited to open up my creative realm and evolve from there.

Blerd is all things nerd and geek through a people of color culture lens. What makes you a blerd?
My intense passion for gaming, wrestling, sports that no one watches like Curling and Darts. Comics and old anime and my collection of consoles and belts! I also love testing out many tech items such as drone flying/photography and testing and destroying PCs. Being told or judged on the things I love always felt like a badge of honor because it showed you who I really and not who people thought I was in their eyes. Finding people who enjoyed the same things and being able to appreciate what others love is awesome.

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Round 2:

You’ve only been given 3 games to play for the rest of your life, what are you playing and why?
Kirby’s Adventure (NES) – Being able to save the world and being able to transform to earn power-ups and abilities all while basically eating at the same time. It sounds like the life I want to live LOL!
WWF No Mercy (N64) – The BEST WRESTLING GAME EVER CREATED… PERIOD! Started the evolution of wrestling gaming to where we are today.
Jet Grind Radio (Jet Set Radio) (Dreamcast) – This is a great representation of being a rebel with an amazing soundtrack and the ability to roam the world and lay a piece of me on this world with my art!

Which video game character is bae?
Right now its Lifeline from Apex Legends – One that can heal and hurt and do it with a smile and melanin for a lifetime.

What’s a game that you absolutely hate but everyone else might like?
Right now it’s League of Legends. My friend tried to teach me this game and I could not get with it. Gave it a second chance and it was a second NO. Fortnite is a close second because I don’t build but I’m willing to give it a shot again.

Your favorite person is making your favorite dish, who is it and what is it?
My Mother (R.I.P) and a Haitian dish of Griot (Fried Pork) and Bannan (Plantains) with Pikliz (Spicy Haitian Slaw).

If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?
Power Man – Easy – an Unbreakable Black Man with superhuman strength and healing – Speaks for itself.

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Round 3 Final Boss Battle:

-PlayStation or Xbox? – Oof – PlayStation

-Pepsi or Coke? – Coke -Night or day?

– Night -Summer or Winter? – Honestly, I would say Fall but I’ll go with summer here lol.

-Cat or dog? – Dog because I have my boy Maxwell

-Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network? – Nickelodeon

-Fresh Prince or Martin? – Martin –Complete fool in every character. ( I SAY JEROME IN THE HOUSE!!!)

-McDonald’s or Burger King? – Burger King

-Super Mario or Sonic? – Both! Hard to pick just one

Blerd Gaming Community // Blerds out about: video games, movies, comics, art, music//

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