Who Is Bumblebee? An Awe-inspiring Black Female Hero!

Who Is Bumblebee?

So who is Bumblebee of DC Comics? One of DC’s first Black Female Heroes! What is Bumblee’s origin and what are her powers? Check out this comic book video to find out.

Bumblebee’s Origin

Bumblee’s real name is Karen Beecher and first appeared in Teen Titans #45 in 1976 and then later debuted as Bumblebee in Teen Titans #48 the following year in 1977. Beecher is an oddity in superhero origin stories because her debut had literally nothing to do with her, but her at the time boyfriend, now husband Mal Duncan. She created a bumblebee stylized suit and attacked the Teen Titans claiming Mal was hers for the taking.

What are Bumblee’s Powers?

Karen Beecher originally lacked superpowers, and her abilities were tied to a high tech battle armor that gifted her with superhuman strength, speed, stamina, endurance, agility and reflexes. This special suit also enabled her to fly by way of actual bee-like wings on the back of the suit. This same wings also made it possible for her to affect a sonic disruption by fluttering the wings as fast as possible. At one point in time it was stated that she could flutter her wings at a frequency strong enough to disintegrate organic matter. The suit was also able to fire off electric energy blast that mimicked a bees sting. The suit would also let her shrink to as small as 6 inches tall.

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