Who Is Marvel’s Ironheart aka Riri Williams

*Editors note* This is an older video, but with the upcoming release of Black Panther 2, it made sense to revisit one of Marvel’s smartest superheroes!

This week we’re answering the question of who is one the most divisive characters in mainstream comics history and a legacy character who has caught more heat than any other? Who is Riri Williams? Who is Ironheart?

Riri Williams first appeared in invincible Iron Man Volume 3 #7, but didn’t make her debut as Ironheart until Invincible Iron Man Volume 4 #3, almost a whole year later! Ironheart was created by Brian Michael Bendis & Mike Deodato. Riri Williams grew up as a child prodigy, but her parents didn’t realize it until around the age of 5. She was so smart that she constantly got in trouble in school for acting out. She was evaluated by a child psychologist and was found to be a super genius-level kid and ultimately one of Marvel’s smartest characters. She got a full ride scholarship to MIT at only age 10.

Riri’s father died in a tragic incident and looked to superheros for the answer. She eventually recreated Iron Man’s suit after throwing herself into her inventions. Want to know more about Ironheart? Watch the rest of this Blerd Without Fear video to learn more about one of the MCU’s latest characters.





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